Project Summary

Family Supervision Services is a sister business to Family Psych Matters, which we also created the website design for. With a smaller offering, this business only needed a smaller website to quickly convey it’s offering and so a single page website was perfect.

As a sister business, we wanted this website to be similar to the main business however not an exact copy. To achieve this we focused on using different colours, still from the same branding suite, and lighter images and a video which suited the service offered. As with the Family Psych Matters website, we wanted the design to be bright, fun and interactive while still being professional and easy to navigate.

Sophie is a true visionary in the field of web design, with an unparalleled talent for crafting stunning, engaging websites that are sure to leave a lasting impression for any visitor. From the moment I approached Sophie with my project, I was struck by her exceptional understanding, support and patience, as she took the time to listen attentively to my needs and goals, ensuring that every detail was aligned with my vision.

I cannot recommend Sophie highly enough for anyone seeking a truly exceptional web designer!