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So you’ve invested into a gorgeous, shiny new website – yay! Once it’s launched it’s important to ensure that your website continues to function properly without any downtime or issues so it can keep performing its role. To keep your site running smoothly it’s essential to make sure it’s kept up to date, optimised and on a good hosting plan.

What makes a good host?

When it comes to website hosting it’s essential that you choose a good host. There are lots of cheap hosting plans out there and while it can be tempting to save some money, this is one area where it’s worth paying just a little more. Cheap hosts use shared servers which can store up to thousands of websites, which has a huge impact on your website speed (not great for customers or SEO) and also website security. They also often charge extra for essential elements like backups and website restores, so plans aren’t as cheap as they initially seem.

Don’t want the hassle of looking after the technical side of your website?

We’ve got you covered! For all of our clients we offer both managed hosting, which includes our care plans, or standalone care plans for clients who are happy to host themselves. These plans are perfect for businesses who don’t have the budget for an in-house WordPress manager or the time and expertise to do it themselves.

What's Included?

Maintenance + Care Plan

FOR DESIGN CLIENTS: $60 + GST per month (paid yearly)

FOR NON-DESIGN CLIENTS: $71 + GST per month (paid yearly)

Just like your computer and phone need regular updates to keep it running smoothly, your website does too. Our care plans also include access to our paid theme and plugin licenses, to save you on additional costs.

Our care plan includes:

Website Hosting + Care Plan

$72 + GST per month (paid yearly)*

If you don’t want to worry about any of the technical side, then we offer our own managed hosting. Our hosting includes everything listed in the care plan above, plus hosting and hosting management.

We host on private Australian servers, with only up to 7 of our own client sites stored on each server, to ensure security and speed for each website.

Our hosting and care plan includes:
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*Note: full hosting services are only for our website design clients. We are now taking on select clients for ongoing maintenance.

Contact us via our page here or at [email protected], keep scrolling for more information, or visit our FAQ’s page here.

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Our Website Hosting and Care Plans are available to our design clients only, with select exceptions for some Care Plan clients. Please see above under each plan for more details and current pricing.