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Over 10 years ago, blogging was how we got started in the digital space, so it’s very close to our hearts. More than just a random spot on the internet for someone to share their views, and maybe the recipe for what they had for lunch, blogs are also very much at home on professional sites.

Aside from helping SEO (search engine optimisation) to help show your site on Google, blog sections are also valuable in helping to win over potential clients or customers. They’re another way for you to show what your brand is about, your knowledge and expertise in your relevant field and also to connect and build trust with your audience.

Blog posts can, and should, provide valuable information to the reader. While they may only be in the information gathering stage, a well written and helpful blog post can help to remind them of your brand when they’re looking to engage your services, or purchase your products in the future.

They can also serve as a further sales tool. Without the face to face salesman or explanation that a physical business may be able to offer, blog posts are the perfect place to further talk about important aspects of your offering, such as ingredients, sourcing, techniques; anything which helps to further highlight the benefits of your brand.


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