Storybook Physiotherapy

Project Summary

Tamara from Storybook Physiotherapy approached me with the goal of enhancing her online presence and website for her newly opened paediatric physiotherapy business. She wanted consistent branding across all platforms (so important) and a visually improved website that would also effectively showcasing her services and specialties and be easy to navigate.

Before diving into website design, we also worked on refining her branding, which involved creating a new logo, establishing a colour palette, and selecting typography. Transitioning from a previous logo made in Canva, we ensured the new branding was trademarkable and provided all necessary digital and print files. It’s so important to ensure that branding is finalised, and strategically crafted, prior to starting a website design project as it affects all elements of the business, and the website should also accurately represent this. 

For the website we recreated this on WordPress to move her away from the GoDaddy builder (check out my post on why WordPress is my preferred platform here). The design reflects the playful and youthful essence of Storybook Physiotherapy while maintaining a professional appeal to parents. With a focus on clear and easy navigation and service descriptions, the new site successfully guides users to the website’s primary goal: contacting Tamara to book an appointment.

It was a pleasure working with Storybook Physiotherapy to support their new business by bringing their branding and website to life, to ultimately enhance their online presence and user experience.

I am really happy with the website and the entire layout! It is exactly in line what the overall design I envisioned which is great. Thank you for everything!

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