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NOTE: We are currently reviewing and refining our branding packages, so we are currently not taking on any new clients for these services. We hope to offer this service, with an improved offering, again in mid 2022.

Aside from a branding design (which we talk more about here), every brand and business needs an overall strategy. This isn’t something which should just be set at the initial business plan phase, but also constantly and consistently reviewed and tweaked as needed.

There are many aspects which create a successful brand:

  • having a great product or service offering
  • ensuring your pricing is right for your target audience
  • setting plans and budgets to meet financial goals
  • the people who work for you
  • your overall brand strategy and distribution model
  • brand marketing and PR strategy
  • customer service model
  • And so much more!

With years spent analysing brands and their performance, at Kitsune Creative Co we understand how many various factors, not just online, come together to create a successful business.


Whether you’re just starting out with an idea, or have an already established brand, we can help you to review all aspects of your business and formulate a solid strategy for growth.

Areas in which we can help include:

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"Sophie has great knowledge of consumer behaviour and marketing. She really highlighted where improvements could be made to my current website to make it more functional and user friendly! Her in depth audit convinced me I needed her to make these changes so I hired her to do it! Easy to communicate with and I could tell she cared"
- Hannah

Each business is unique and so are each of our client packages.

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