NOTE: We are currently reviewing and refining our branding packages, so we are currently not taking on any new clients for these services. We hope to offer this service, with an improved offering, again in mid 2022.

More than just logo design, Branding is the key element which brings your brand to life and helps you to stand apart from your competitors.

You only need to think of your own shopping habits and personal preferences to see how important it is. While the copy and words you use are also part of a brand strategy, branding as a whole involves all of the aspects you use to communicate to your customers.

How we can help:

Branding + Logo Design

Bringing your brand to life with visual elements like logo design, colour palette and fonts, along with your positioning strategy, tone of voice and ideal target market.

Brand Strategy + Analysis

Diving deeper into your overall brand and business strategy, including aspects such as financial analysis, process automations, service model and lots more.