Project Summary

The team at marketing agency MadeGreat approached me, looking for assistance in developing a new worpdress website to be in line with their new brand and messaging. 

The actual design part of the website was already being managed by another company, Tiny Crowd, and so they wanted my help in the actual build of the website. 

For the development of the website, a design for each unique page layout was provided. The challenge with creating a website from a static design is ensuring each element properly translates to device responsive design, as well as ensuring each component was easy for the MadeGreat team to also update in the future.

For the build, it was also important to ensure all of the technical aspects were in place, such as ensuring the right headers could be applied for SEO, images were optimised for quick loading times and that the website is both generally secure and fast.

This was the first project where I fully created the website from a supplied design, and I definitely learn a lot! While it may seem like an easier task to build from a supplied design, there definitely was a challenge in adapting the design for Elementor (so a bit of custom CSS was used) and different screen sizes too. I loved working on a project though with different designs and layouts than I may have done myself, and each challenge is a great opportunity for learning!

I’m really happy with how the build of the MadeGreat website turned out, and I look forward to seeing the client growth it brings for them!

So thrilled with our new website. Sophie left no stone unturned with the build of our website. Her communication was exemplary and supported our team the entire way through. We couldn't recommend her more! Thanks so much, Sophie!


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