Project Summary

A personal project for me, this involved designing a book cover and design elements, brand and logo and website for a very special person – my mother, poet Helga Jermy. 

The initial book cover design was a great chance to learn and develop new skills, especially in Adobe Illustrator, and it was such a great experience to create something together. Her latest collection, Little Bones in Red Clay, focuses on elements of life, death and the Australian landscape, so these were all brought to life in the design and colour palette chosen. 

For the website design there wasn’t too much information required, so the site started off as a single landing page website, however e-commerce functionality then needed to be added for her poetry collections. A blog section was important too, so she can showcase some featured poetry works on the websit. 

I am beyond thrilled with the quality of service from Sophie at Kitsune Creative Co in the production of my poetry website.

Her attention to detail, careful consideration in development of content and graphics, collaboration on ideas for my site, plus her tech skills and knowledge have all been outstanding. Thank you so much, Sophie.

helga jermy poetry responsive woocommerce site
helga jermy poetry book cover design